Platforms, data, and solutions
to build successful relationships between customers and suppliers

  • Automate your B2B credit decisions
  • Map ESG & Compliance risks across your supply chain
  • Understand and establish your company's reputation and credibility
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Comprehensive solutions for secure decisions at every stage of the customer, prospect, supplier or third-party lifecycle

Minimize financial, legal, operational, compliance, and ESG risks in supply chain.
Access data that reveals risks and opportunities associated with the engaged companies.
Continuously monitor all segments of your supply chain and protect your company's reputation.
Manage all stages of the supplier lifecycle with 10x more efficiency and 50% fewer costs.
Streamline operations on a unified and user-friendly platform that connects to your ERP and automates supplier management workflows.
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We have streamlined our ability to identify, assess, and integrate suppliers to include them in our system and engage in meaningful business with them relatively quickly. We've managed to reduce our operational costs by 50% year over year and increase our on-time payments from around 40% to 95%."
Mark Arrigotti
Head of Finance Operations at Uber
Reduce delinquency, enhance the accuracy of B2B credit analyses, and maximize profitability of customer relationships.
Achieves 30% more accurate credit analyses by combining their data with information from +520M companies worldwide.
Increase productivity throughout the credit evaluation and sales cycle by removing manual data collection, automating decisioning workflows, and approval processes.
Maximize revenue with efficient decisions, configuring evaluation rules and journeys according to policies, tailoring credit terms to each individual customer.
Achieve total transparency and decision-makers with dashboards and audit trails to maintain a comprehesive picture of risk in your portfolio.
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CIAL360 Credit suggests the approved limit based on payment history, informs me about payment behavior, and provides the average number of days taken to pay..."
Leandro Peguero
Credit and Collections Coordinator at Gerdau Metaldom
Discover the fastest and most effective path to prospect and generate demand.
Access over 100 million updated contacts with valid emails and phone numbers anywhere in the world.
Leverage everything technology and data have to offer identify the optimal buyers and maximize conversion rates.
Connects directly with the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), initiating conversations quickly with the right people.
Expand globally by overcoming the challenges of entering the international market.
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We’re the small fish competing in a big, big sea, and that’s why CIAL Dun & Bradstreet is so important to us. It helped strengthen our credibility to help attract customers and vendors to do business with us."
Ryan Miller
Chief Financial Officer at etaGLOBAL

Why CIAL is the right parter for your business to
drive sustainable growth

Unmatched global data

As part of the Dun & Bradstreet World Wide Network, you have data and business analytics on +500 million global businesses.

Proven customer
track record

Track record of empowering the companies we serve to avoid millions in losses

Flexibile solutions & data

Our platforms provide flexibility to meet your needs in terms of API generation, reporting, and external BI connections.

Data privacy as a mindset

Ensuring the security and privacy of confidential data of our clients is our top priority.

Identify and map ESG risks in your supply chain, and reduce environmental and social impact

  • Increase your business credibility with the ESG Registered Seal
  • Regularly monitor the ESG criteria of suppliers across your portfolio
  • Access data on over 38 million public and private companies
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+20k customers have already benefited!
Is your supplier evaluation and onboarding process costly and time-consuming?
Do you have difficulty investigating whether domestic and international suppliers are in compliance with current standards?
Do you still manually search for information about your partners?
Do you need to evaluate your suppliers to comply with ESG regulations?
Do you want to understand and confirm how your company is performing in terms of ESG?
Is your team overwhelmed with manual data collection and inefficient credit assessment processes?
Trying to expand internationally but not sure which companies you can trust?
Do you need more visibility into your customers' payment behavior? (FOR FREE!)
Do you need to integrate real-time access to business insights, but you're not sure where to begin?
Do you need more visibility into your customers' payment behavior? (FOR FREE!)
Is your potential for prospects and new suppliers limited?
Are you missing opportunities due to duplicate records?
Feeling frustrated to demonstrate your company`s credibility on the internet?
Do you have a lot of data but don't know how to use it to analyze the market and make informed decisions quickly?

Leverage our solutions & insights to
manage risk and accelerate profitable growth

+20k customers have already benefited!

Increase your company's visibility in Latin America with Dunsguide

Discover credible and reliable customers, suppliers and partners globally to build strong and profitable relationships.

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