ESG Risk Essentials

Identify ESG risks of your suppliers to protect your reputation and ensure sustainable operations

  • Actively monitor ESG criteria in your supply chain
  • Get a 360º view of the risks that could affect your company
  • Evaluate suppliers and third parties globally on across +30 ESG criteria
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Imagine having full visibility of your suppliers' and customers' ESG performance on a single platform?

ESG Risk Essentials is more than an assessment platform.

Your partner in mitigating operational, financial and reputational risks related to ESG criteria in your supplier chain, ESG Risk Essentials helps you anticipate adversity and find better business opportunities.

No greenwashing in your operation!

With state-of-the-art technology and the world's largest commercial database, you guarantee ESG compliance throughout your supply chain and third parties, partner network and customer portfolio.

What do we offer Sustainability & Procurement Managers?

Advanced ESG maturity analysis

Ensure that you are doing business with responsible companies by using ESG insights, scores and ratings, as well as industry parameters that allow comparisons between companies in the same industry.

Ongoing portfolio monitoring of full supply chain

Have the peace of mind of knowing that you are up to date with the ESG practices of the companies you work with, receiving notifications and alerts of activities that could affect your company and impact scores and ratings.

Customizable scores and ratings

Truly understand the factors taken into account in the ESG qualification of a supplier or client, customizing the calculation of scores and rating according to your company's priorities and needs.

Informed and confident business decisions

Be confident in your decisions with the support of the world's largest commercial database - the CIAL D&B Data Cloud - and facilitate decision-making with accurate, current and high-quality information.

Why do I need ESG Risk Essentials to evaluate potential customers, partners and suppliers?

Hidden risks in your supply chain

Maintain an in-depth view throughout the supply chain, and see even your suppliers' suppliers, uncovering risks at all levels.

Greenwashing and omission of the truth

Protect your company's reputation by ensuring that you are only doing business with businesses that truly adopt and implement ESG practices and initiatives.

Fines and penalties

Avoid financial losses and remediation costs due to non-compliance with environmental, social and governance rules and regulations.

Risky and misinformed decisions

Rely on the world's largest business database with over 520 million companies to support your ESG assessments.

ESG Risk Essentials: the platform that monitor ESG pillars across your portfolio, keeping your operation and reputation safe.


  • Over 30 evaluation criteria
  • Customized scores for ESG assessments
  • Globally standardized ratings


  • Automatically updated scores and rankings
  • ESG activity alerts
  • Documents and certifications history


  • Public and private sources of information
  • Lawsuits, protests and case history
  • News, watchlists and certificates

Find out how our data can support your ESG assessments

Improved accuracy

Get an in-depth ESG view of your customers, suppliers and third parties, allowing your team to anticipate risks throughout the chain.

Comprehensive analyses

Evaluate suppliers and customers on more than 30 environmental, social and governance criteria, using exclusive and personalized scores and ratings.

Eliminate risks

Prevent threats that could put your operation and brand at risk through a proactive mitigation strategy, not just a reaction to risks.

Flexible customization

Determine which factors should have a greater or lesser impact on the final result of predictive risk scores and classifications, adapting the analysis to your operation.

Por que o ESG Risk Essentials é a plataforma mais robusta da sua categoria?

Maior banco de dados comerciais do mundo
Processo Manual
CIAL360 Supplier
Milhões de fontes de dados públicas e privadas
Atualizações diárias da informação
Listas de sanções e watchlists
Scores e ratings exclusivos
Personalização de acordo com sua necessidade
Mais de 30 tópicos ambientais, sociais e de governança


What is ESG Risk Essentials?

ESG Risk Essentials is the most robust ESG assessment platform on the market, with more than 30 environmental, social and governance topics, unique and customizable scores and ratings, and information from millions of companies with daily updates, empowering your team to make the best and most informed ESG decisions about customers, suppliers and partners.

Why should I adopt an ESG platform?

ESG is a growing demand from the market, which now requires companies to take ESG talk off the drawing board and start implementing practices, seeking certifications and adopting ESG as a criterion for qualifying third parties and clients. An ESG platform is a way of not only mitigating operational risks and finding latent opportunities, but of demonstrating your ESG commitment and protecting your brand's reputation.

How can ESG Risk Essentials support my company?

ESG Risk Essentials helps your team assess suppliers, partners and customers on more than 30 environmental, social and governance topics, ensuring a deep and broad ESG investigation with the support of scores and ratings. With a complete ESG vision, you can find direct and indirect risks to your operation, as well as opportunities for your business.

What is the difference between ESG Risk Essentials and ESG Registered?

ESG Registered is a seal that evaluates and proves your commitment to environmental, social and governance initiatives. You can insert the seal into your email signature, documents and website. With just one click on the seal, clients and partners can see your performance and score in each of the ESG areas. The ESG Risk Essentials platform, meanwhile, is a tool for ESG assessment and monitoring of companies, allowing for deeper ESG analysis and intelligent, simplified ongoing monitoring.

How can I get ESG Risk Essentials for my company?

To get in touch with CIAL and find out more about ESG Risk Essentials, simply click the "Get a demo" button and fill in the information fields requested. We will contact you shortly with details on how to acquire the platform and implement it in your company.

Incorporate ESG into your company and supply chain risk assessment

Evaluate partners and third parties on ESG topics, finding opportunities and risks beyond the first level of the chain and keeping your company compliant with ESG legislation and market demands.

+20k customers have already benefited!