CIAL360 Supplier

Better supplier evaluation and onboarding

  • 100% reduction in manual data and document collection
  • Evaluate new suppliers 50% faster
  • Avoid hidden risks and generate 11% more business
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What do we offer Supply Chain Managers?

Productivity and growth at the same time

Digitize supplier vetting with CIAL360. Eliminate manual inefficiencies across homologation, due diligence, evaluation, and beyond. Leverage robust automation and digitalized policies for seamless alignment with your standards, freeing up valuable time for strategic initiatives.

Decisions always based on reliable data

Combine information from your suppliers and third parties with data from over 520 million entities in the Dun & Bradstreet database, and achieve impartial, safe, and fast decision-making.

Transparency for all stakeholders

Connect teams and decision-makers in one place. Track, monitor, visualize, and audit all assessments, eliminating the risk of supply chain disruption.

Customize the platform to your needs

Specify different segments and labels, import data from your internal platforms or 3rd party tools, define dynamic variables, rules, approval paths, and integrate with other platforms.

Why do you need CIAL360 Supplier to mitigate risks?

Risk of supply chain disruption

Selecting the wrong suppliers can be catastrophic. Therefore, with CIAL360 Supplier, evaluations are made using the most comprehensive commercial database in the world.

Chaotic and time-consuming onboarding

No more using emails, spreadsheets, and SharePoint. With CIAL360 Supplier, you can reduce supplier onboarding time by up to 50%.

Risk of ESG in business relationships

Conduct unbiased, secure, and fast sustainable analyses to uncover risks of environmental, labor, or fraud crimes.

Human mistakes can have a high cost

Get rid of 100% of manual data and document collection, and avoid the lack of consistency in supplier data and decisions.

CIAL360 Supplier: a platform to ensure your supply chain is always dependable, secure, and a source of competitive advantage


  • CIAL's exclusive search mechanism
  • World's largest business database
  • Customized search for your segment
  • Real-time updated information


  • Identify companies involved in illegal activities
  • Optimized evaluation workflow, 50% faster
  • ESG and Compliance reports
  • Reports for +100 suppliers at once
  • Impartial and automatic evaluation with your business rules


  • Connect your ERP with our database
  • Supplier clustering
  • Transparent documentation and automation
  • Customized evaluation criteria

Find out how our data helps
qualify your suppliers and third parties

Contractual capacity indicator

Shows the maximum value of projects (public or private) suppliers can handle without stretching their limits.

Supply risk indicator

Determines if suppliers are facing issues that could impact their supply chain by analyzing 12 key areas.

Key suppliers and third parties

Identify the key suppliers and third parties of the evaluated company to assess the risks associated with over-reliance on external entities.

Visibilidade completa da cadeia de fornecimento

Independente do nível de dependência, tenha visibilidade total dos seus fornecedores e também dos fornecedores dos seus fornecedores e terceiros.

Why choose the platform with the largest and most reliable database worldwide?

+520 million businesses around the world
Manual Process
CIAL360 Supplier
Customized search in a database of +520 million companies
Financial and operational risk score of suppliers
ESG risk score
Simultaneous analysis of multiple suppliers
Digitalized and automated evaluation process, following internal policies
API integration with other tools
Centralized communication channel
Detailed supply chain monitoring
Supplier tree mapping
I-SRM: Detailed, complete, and intelligent supplier relationship management


What is CIAL360 Supplier?

CIAL360 Supplier is a supplier assessment and onboarding platform that digitizes and automates processes, accelerates decision-making while reducing costs and risks, providing you with complete visibility into the potential of your supply chain.

How does CIAL360 Supplier help reduce costs?

CIAL360 Supplier enhances team and assessment/sales process productivity by automating credit evaluation processes, saving time and resources. Standardized analyses eliminate biases, leading to more efficient and economical decisions. In addition to process optimization savings, attention is drawn to the mitigation of hidden risks, direct resulting in better decisions based on quality data and supply chain visibility.

Is CIAL360 Supplier suitable for companies of all sizes?

Yes, CIAL360 Supplier is an accessible platform suitable for companies of all sizes. Its customization options allow for different types of experiences tailored to the specific needs and scenarios of each company, regardless of supplier portfolio size, complexity, number of users, or revenue.

Is CIAL360 Supplier easy to use?

Yes! Like most SaaS platforms, our CIAL360 Supplier was developed by our design team to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing the user to quickly become familiar with various features and direct customizations.

Does CIAL360 Supplier provide real-time updates on suppliers?

Yes, CIAL360 Supplier provides a unique search mechanism in the world's largest business database, allowing users to find real-time information about suppliers, third parties, business partners, customers, and prospects.

How does CIAL360 Supplier help make informed decisions?

One of the platform's greatest advantages is its decision engine and access to the world's largest database, Dun & Bradstreet's. CIAL360 Supplier helps you make informed decisions in a centralized manner, efficiently collecting, organizing, and analyzing financial data, enabling decision-making based on concrete, updated, and high-quality data.

Does CIAL360 Supplier offer risk mitigation?

Yes, in CIAL360 Supplier, risk mitigation is a result of standardized analyses, elimination of biases in evaluations, and automation, which helps make more fair, secure, and aligned financial decisions with the company's objectives.

Can I customize CIAL360 Supplier to meet the specific needs of my company?

Yes, you can customize CIAL360 Supplier to meet the specific needs of your company by configuring as many assessment journeys as necessary and establishing various evaluation and segmentation criteria

How can I obtain CIAL360 Supplier for my company?

To get in touch with CIAL and learn more about CIAL360 Supplier, simply click the "Get a demo" button and fill in the requested information. We will soon contact you with details on how to acquire the platform and implement it in your company.

Do you want to eliminate 100% of manual data/document collection and speed up supplier onboarding by up to 50%?

Discover CIAL360 Supplier and access 500+ million business data records worldwide.

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