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The platform to transform your credit analysis strategy

  • Make data-driven decisions to reduce delinquency by >50%
  • Reduce costs while achieving 100% portfolio coverage
  • Accelerate your credit assessment proceess by 12x
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What do we offer Finance Managers?

Credit analyses based on reliable data

Combine information from your clients with the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, which is the world’s most comprehensive business decisioning data, containing insights on over 500 million entities.

Productivity and growth at the same pace

Digitize and automate your policies, assessment workflows, and other manual tasks such as data collection and verification.

Standardized analyses at a global level

Access company information in any country worldwide consistently, standardized, and efficiently across various customer segments. Standardize your team's work by centralizing the process and eliminating biased analyses.

Total transparency for all stakeholders

Connect teams and decision-makers on a single platform. Evaluate, track, monitor, visualize, and audit all assessments. Eliminate the risk of delinquency and achieve sustainable growth.

Why do I need CIAL360 Credit to make better credit decisions?

Decentralized and unreliable information

CIAL360 Credit simplifies the collection, organization, and analysis of financial data, enabling financial leaders to make quick, informed, and effective decisions—all within a single platform.

Too many days to complete a credit evaluation

By significantly reducing the time spent on manual tasks, workflows, and data research, CIAL360 Credit allows financial managers to have more time for strategic planning and identifying growth opportunities.

Inconclusive and biased analyses

Lack confidence in credit analyses? Objectivity, accuracy, and alignment with the company's objectives during financial decision-making will be visible to all stakeholders.

Inefficient team collaboration

With access to a single location that brings together all data sets, history, activities, decisions and stakeholders, CIAL360 Credit improves collaboration between teams, through dynamic workflows and approvals, as well as seamless sharing of insights to relevant stakeholders.

CIAL360 Credit, the platform that ensures more agile, precise, and strategic management, enhancing the efficiency and impact of your decisions


  • CIAL's proprietary search capability
  • World's largest business database
  • Customized assessments for your segment
  • Real-time updated information


  • Identify companies involved in illegal activities
  • Optimized evaluation workflow, 50% faster
  • Generate reports for multiple companies simultaneously
  • Impartial and automatic evaluation with your business rules


  • Grouping of companies and searches
  • Reliable documentation
  • Customized evaluation criteria

Find out how our data helps
qualify your customers and third parties

Enhanced accuracy

Our data provides a detailed view of financial and credit history, enabling precise risk assessments and capacity-to-pay evaluations.

Fast decisioning

Having real-time access to an extensive business database streamlines the analysis, allowing your team to make credit decisions that are safer and 2x faster.

Risk mitigation

With the digitization and standardization of the process, and the elimination of subjectivity in assessments, financial risks and default are mitigated.

Customization and flexibility

Configure customized assessment criteria with different segments and credit policies, all to meet the specific needs of your company.

What sets CIAL360 Credit apart?

+520 million business registrations
Processo Manual
CIAL360 Credit
Manual process
Customized search in a database of +500 million companies
Financial and operational risk score of suppliers
Digitalized and automated evaluation process, following internal policies
Automated decision segment creation
API integration with other tools
Recommendation for approval or rejection, following Dun & Bradstreet's global rating.


What is CIAL360 Credit?

CIAL360 Credit is a B2B intelligent, flexible, and assertive credit decision SaaS platform due to its use of the world's largest commercial database, provided by Dun & Bradstreet.

How does CIAL360 Credit help reduce costs?

CIAL360 Credit enhances team and assessment process productivity by automating credit assessment processes, saving time and resources. The standardization of analyses eliminates bias in assessments, leading to more efficient and cost-effective decisions. In addition to process optimization savings, another notable factor is a significant reduction in delinquency, a direct result of better decisions based on quality data.

Is CIAL360 Credit suitable for companies of all sizes?

Yes, CIAL360 Credit is an accessible platform suitable for companies of all sizes. Its customization possibilities allow for different types of experiences tailored to the specific needs and scenarios of each company, regardless of its size, number of users, or revenue.

Is CIAL360 Credit easy to use?

Yes! Like most SaaS platforms, our CIAL360 Credit was developed by the UX team to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing users to quickly become familiar with various features and direct customizations.

CIAL360 Credit provides real-time updates on clients and prospects?

Yes, CIAL360 Credit features a unique search engine in the world's largest commercial database, allowing users to obtain real-time information about suppliers, third parties, business partners, clients, and prospects.

How does CIAL360 Credit assist in making informed decisions?

One of the platform's major advantages is its decision engine and access to the world's largest database provided by Dun & Bradstreet. CIAL360 Credit helps make informed decisions in a centralized manner by efficiently collecting, organizing, and analyzing financial data. This enables decision-making based on concrete, up-to-date, and high-quality data.

Does CIAL360 Credit offer risk mitigation?

Yes, in CIAL360 Credit, risk mitigation results from standardized analyses, elimination of bias in evaluations, and automation. This assists in making fair, secure, and goal-aligned financial decisions.

Can I customize CIAL360 Credit to meet my company's specific needs?

Yes, you can customize CIAL360 Credit to meet your company's specific needs by configuring as many assessment journeys as necessary and establishing various evaluation and segmentation criteria.

How can I obtain CIAL360 Credit for my company?

To get in touch with CIAL and learn more about CIAL360 Credit, simply click the "Get a demo" button and fill out the requested information. We'll contact you soon with details on how to acquire the platform and implement it in your company.

Do you want to double the speed of your assessment and sales cycle and drastically reduce delinquency in your client portfolio?

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