D&B Finance Analytics

The intelligent financial management platform to grow with security

  • Comprehend financial metrics of your company
  • Evaluate customers and business partners for international credit lines
  • Design a strategy for sustainable growth with financial security
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Have you ever imagined having complete control of your credit lines and growing your business securely?

D&B Finance Analytics is more than a platform

Your strategic ally in financial management and international credit decisions, D&B Finance Analytics helps you manage risk, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience.

Goodbye to complicated analyses and inexplicable metrics!

Finance Analytics is the combination of artificial intelligence and data from the world's largest commercial bank for optimized analysis and metrics that you can easily understand.

What do we offer to Finance Managers and Directors?

Optimized credit decisions

Optimize your customer credit assessments with instant information, increase your team's efficiency, and reduce assessment time by up to 90%.

Improvement in operational efficiency

Prioritize credit activities through automated monitoring, alerts, decision-making, and account reviews, efficiently organizing each step.

Sustainable and secure growth

Discover improvement opportunities, develop strategies to drive your business forward, and achieve sustainable and intelligent growth.

Increase in business insight

Obtain a holistic view of your portfolio with comprehensive information to quickly and accurately understand your customers and business partners.

Why do I need D&B Finance Analytics to manage my financial operations?

Inconsistent credit processes

Standardize the approach and adopt a uniform method to mitigate financial risks, evaluate customers and business partners, and manage your finances consistently.

Delay in decisions

Making the right decisions is not easy and can be a time-consuming process. With artificial intelligence and data from D&B Finance Analytics, decision-making is agile, efficient, and assertive.

Inefficient portfolio management

By providing your company with tools for effective portfolio management, D&B Finance Analytics optimizes resource allocation, ensuring a balanced and high-performing customer portfolio.

Biased evaluations

Eliminate biased analyses through standardized scores, standardized ratings, and D&B's globally trusted evaluation standards.

D&B Finance Analytics: the platform that gives you control of your finances and ensures secure growth for your business operations.


  • Modern and intuitive interface with simple search
  • The world's largest database
  • Reports that provide comprehensive information
  • Reports that provide comprehensive information


  • Clear vision of all your customers
  • Segmented and customizable view of your portfolio
  • Organized and easily accessible data


  • Intuitive dashboards and information summaries
  • Customizable activity alerts
  • Daily email updates
  • Alert history

Find out how our data can help you design the best financial strategy for your business

Up-to-date data and information

Data and information from the world's largest commercial database, CIAL, with millions of real-time daily updates

Data enrichment

Upload and enhance your accounts receivable data to mitigate risks and gain a more comprehensive view of your portfolio of customers and partners

Intelligent and agile management

Optimized and efficient administration of the client portfolio, account portfolio, and credit operations, with intelligent financial recommendations

Management intelligence and technology

AI-driven technology applying predictive analytics to enhance operational efficiency, mitigate risks, and identify opportunities

Why choose the platform with the largest and most reliable database worldwide?

D&B Finance Analytics
Manual process
+520 million business registrations
Customized search in a database of over 500 million companies
Predictive analysis through AI
Alerts and monitoring
Portfolio management
Data enrichment


What is D&B Finance Analytics?

D&B Finance Analytics is a global AI-based platform developed for financial leaders looking to transform their financial operations and reduce costs through insights, automation, and continuous improvement in customer experience.

How does D&B Finance Analytics help you reduce costs?

With D&B Finance Analytics, you'll have access to the CIAL Dun & Bradstreet database, allowing you to assess your customers instantly and monitor their various risk indicators, ensuring appropriate cash flow for your company. It will also help reduce the time your teams spend evaluating companies, enabling quick and secure decision-making.

What is the competitive advantage of D&B Finance Analytics?

Our powerful platform, in addition to enabling you to assess your customers effectively, allows you to monitor an individual customer or your entire portfolio, mitigating the risk or opening up new opportunities within the same portfolio. Additionally, you can upload your portfolio to D&B Finance Analytics and enrich it with information from CIAL Dun & Bradstreet, giving you better visibility into who your customers are and their market behavior.

Who is D&B Finance Analytics designed for?

D&B Finance Analytics is a powerful credit management solution and is useful for financial and credit teams, as well as for the Collections department.

What are the pain points that D&B Finance Analytics can address?

D&B Finance Analytics can eliminate inefficiencies such as having multiple disparate data systems, inconsistent reports and data, manual and laborious tasks, a poor customer experience, and financial risk of insolvency.

How is D&B Finance Analytics implemented?

Our service model drives your success with a flexible implementation to accelerate value creation: with technical and data advisors, in a 4-week implementation where your company will receive free training and tailored learning. Our specialized assistance adapts to your needs and provides short, medium, and long-term support.

How can I get D&B Finance Analytics for my company?

To get in touch with CIAL and receive more information about D&B Finance Analytics, simply click on the "Get a demo" button and fill out the requested information fields. We will contact you shortly with details on how to acquire the platform and implement it in your company.

Do you want to optimize your financial management, obtain a complete view of your portfolio, and reduce your evaluation time by up to 90%?

Transform your financial operations completely with D&B Finance Analytics.

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