Compliance Watch

The platform that tranforms Compliance and Due Diligence workflows

  • Access +1k lists of sanctions, restrictions, and offenders
  • Instantly consult legal proceedings, certificates, and regulatory sources
  • Screen against PEP lists from over 100 countries
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Have you ever imagined having all the information for accurate, up-to-date, and instant compliance evaluations?

Compliance Watch combines technology and quality data to support critical workflows for compliance teams.

A compliance team's right-hand in investigating compliance, with instant searches blending various sources of information, sanction lists, PEPs, and watchlists.

Say goodbye to false positives!

Conduct more comprehensive analyses and ensure compliance with all necessary requirements, protecting your operation from reputational risks.

What do we offer for Compliance and Risk Managers?

High flexibility and configurability

Scalable cost and resources, suitable for both SMEs and large corporations. Just find the plan that best fits your operation!

Security with accurate and quality data

The best investigation tool in the market, with precise potential combinations, always respecting privacy rules, data protection, and GDPR.

Quick implementation and integration with your legacy systems

Quick implementation and seamless integration with your legacy systems: with Compliance Watch, you can get up and running in just minutes.

Multi-lingual interface and search engine

Interface available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese with the search capable in up to 70 languages.

Why do I need Compliance Watch for my investigations?

Lack of completeness and accuracy in the data

Compliance Watch provides accurate and high-quality data combined with cutting-edge technology, reducing false positives to less than 1%

Significant delays in conducting assessments

With a simply upload to the system in batch format, you gain access to accurate results in just a few minutes.

Risk of fines due to unknown norms and regulations

Ensure that your company is complying with all necessary norms and regulations, protecting your operation from the risks of non-compliance.

Lack of visibility in high priority cases

Visualize the most important cases, track screenings, and monitor activities easily through your dashboard.

Compliance Watch provides comprehensive and accurate data to assist your team in compliance assessments, monitoring, and audits


  • Sanctions lists
  • PEP lists
  • Reputational risks


  • Changes in the landscape
  • Signs of risk
  • Compliance problems


  • Centralized documentation
  • Activity and process logging
  • Adaptable to your policies

Find out how accurate and fast screenings help in protecting your company's reputation

Anticipate risks

Anticipate reputation risks by identifying companies and organizations involved in illegal activities.

Avoid fines

Determine if clients or suppliers are facing legal issues through global sanctions lists.

Identify PEPs

Quickly identify Politically Exposed Persons within organizations you do business with.

Build your reports

Create customized dashboards to support your audits and meet all your needs.

Why choose Compliance Watch as your next Compliance platform?

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Manual Process
Compliance Watch
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Results in minutes
Continuous monitoring
API integration with other tools
Batch searches conducted
Creation of a Private List
Alerts for signs of non-compliance
Lists of PEPs from +100 countries
Relationship trees, executives, directors, and UBO shareholders
Customized reports
Customized search in a database of over 520 million companies


What is Compliance Watch?

Compliance Watch is a platform designed to assist compliance teams in investigating, monitoring, and auditing more easily. With an extensive database of business information and advanced search technology, Compliance Watch enables efficient investigations, delivering accurate results in a matter of seconds.

How can Compliance Watch help my team?

Compliance Watch eliminates manual searches, directing efforts and time towards more critical tasks, and avoiding rework caused by false positives and subjective results.

How does Compliance Watch impact my company's finances?

With a comprehensive and deep compliance analysis, you anticipate risks and develop a proactive strategy, not just a reactive one, avoiding fines and losses that your company would incur for not complying with international standards or engaging in business with partners involved in illegal activities.

Why invest in a Compliance platform?

The market is increasingly demanding when it comes to imposed norms and regulations, requiring companies to prioritize compliance not only in their own operations but also in their business relationships. Ensuring compliance in your company and among your partners and suppliers is an effective way to mitigate risks and stand out in the market, gaining a competitive advantage.

How can I obtain Compliance Watch for my company?

To get in touch with CIAL and learn more about Compliance Watch, simply click the "Get a demo" button and fill in the requested information fields. We will contact you shortly with details on how to acquire the platform and implement it in your company.

Have more speed and quality in your compliance processes.

Investigate if organizations have previously faced sanctions, possess PEPs, and/or have a reputation at risk. Monitor changes in the landscape, warning signs, or compliance issues. Easily document all searches, analyses, and processes related to established audit policies.

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