Compliance Onboard

The platform that simplifies legal, commercial, and reputational risks

  • Gain transparency in corporate linkage and risks globally
  • Accelerate the verification process and accelerate Due Diligence
  • Access to +160M UBOs globally
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Have you ever imagined having financial, commercial, and compliance risk analyses all in one platform?

Compliance Onboard is much more than just a platform.

Compliance Onboard is a SaaS solution that enables in-depth investigation of legal, financial, business, operational, and reputational risks that may be hidden in transactions.

Be confident in the data on clients, suppliers, and third parties.

By combining the data provided with information from the world's largest business database, Compliance Onboard ensures a robust search across more than 800 international lists of sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs), and news.

What do we offer to Compliance and Risk Managers?

Comprehensive & Verified information

Ensure that the information provided by suppliers, partners, and clients is true and reliable.

Stay informed about your customer, prospect, supplier, or third party

Have access to company relationship trees worldwide and discover who the shareholders, directors, executives, and ultimate beneficial owners across 160 million UBOs globally.

Be audit-ready in just one click

Maintain records of all investigations, data inputs, analyses, and reports, enabling you to access the historical information, simplifying and streamlining any audit process.

Why do I need Compliance Onboard for my assessments?

Excessive manual work to generate relevant reports

Access custom reports according to the desired depth of investigation to get straight to the point and dive deeper into information when necessary.

Delay in completing an evaluation

Send lists of companies and entities to be investigated and optimize your process, by conducting searches and analyses of various companies simultaneously and in batch.

Low confidence in the data quality and accuracy

Submit lists of companies and entities to be investigated and streamline your process by conducting searches and analyses of multiple companies simultaneously and in batches.

Inefficient and inconsisteny portfolio monitoring

Actively monitor the activities of your suppliers, customers, and partners, receiving alerts for events that may negatively impact your company performance or reputation.

Compliance Onboard is the ultimate platform for evaluate and monitor compliance risk across your portfolio in any country worldwide


  • Verify data provided by customers and suppliers
  • Screen across +800 sanctions lists
  • Manage unlimited evaluations simultaneously
  • Customized reports to your unique data requirements


  • Non-compliance signal alerts
  • Track changes in real time
  • Document the activities
  • Unlimited access to the history of investigations

Find out how a comprehensive compliance investigation can accelerate the sustainable growth of your company

Comprehensive and accurate data & insights

Search for and confirm information about customers, suppliers, and partners in the world's largest commercial database, the Dun & Bradstreet database.

Robust historical audit trail of investigations and inputs

Maintain an unlimited history of all investigations, records, and generated reports, allowing you to revisit information whenever necessary.

Operational efficiency of compliance workflows

Upload files containing multiple companies to be investigated and streamline the process through simultaneous searches, accelerating the analyses.

Proactive risk identification to mitigate impact

With Compliance Onboard's advanced search technology and the largest database on the planet, obtaining precise results in seconds becomes effortless.

Why choose Compliance Onboard as your next compliance risk management platform?

+520 million business registrations
Manual Process
Compliance Onboard
Compliance Watch
Results in minutes
Continuous monitoring
API integration with other tools
Batch searches conducted
Create Private Lists
Alerts for signals of non-compliance
Lists of PEPs from +100 countries
Corporate family trees, including executives, directors, and shareholders
Customized reports
Robust search in a database of over 520 million companies


What is Compliance Onboard?

Compliance Onboard is a SaaS platform designed to assist compliance teams in investigating, monitoring, and auditing more effectively. With an extensive database of business information and advanced search technology, Compliance Onboard enables efficient investigations, delivering accurate results in seconds for both companies and PEPs worldwide.

How can Compliance Onboard help my team?

Compliance Onboard allows your team to automate manual tasks, directing efforts and time towards more critical tasks, and avoiding rework caused by false positives and subjective results, promoting savings while achieving better and more accurate outcomes.

How does Compliance Onboard impact my company's finances?

With a comprehensive and thorough compliance analysis, you anticipate risks and develop a proactive, not just reactive, strategy, avoiding fines and losses that your company would incur for not complying with international standards or engaging in business with partners involved in illegal activities.

Why invest in a Compliance platform?

The market is becoming increasingly demanding regarding imposed norms and regulations, requiring companies to prioritize compliance not only in their own operations but also in their business relationships. Ensuring compliance in your company and among your partners and suppliers is an effective way to mitigate risks and stand out in the market, gaining a competitive advantage.

How can I obtain Compliance Onboard for my company?

To get in touch with CIAL and learn more about Compliance Onboard, simply click on the "Get a demo" button and fill in the requested information fields. We will contact you shortly with details on how to acquire the platform and implement it in your company.

Have you ever imagined monitoring your clients and suppliers continuously in an easy, agile, and centralized manner?

Get to know Compliance Onboard and say goodbye to manual compliance assessments and monitoring.

+20k customers have already benefited!