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The platform for analyzing and managing your company's financial health

  • Gain a deep understanding of your financial scores
  • Obtain a comprehensive view of growth metrics
  • Improve your strategies to propel your business forward
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Have you ever imagined having a complete view of your financial health to safely grow your operation?

CIAL Pulso is more than just a platform

Your best ally in understanding your financial metrics, scores, and classifications, CIAL Pulso provides you with an overview of the results of operations and financial management in your company.

Understand the financial health of your business!

With a comprehensive analysis of your financial health, CIAL Pulso allows you to transform your finance department into a generator of sustainable and consistent growth.

What do we offer to SME leaders?

Customized Financial Analysis

CIAL Pulso provides a thorough financial analysis, offering recommendations on the profitability, liquidity, and operational efficiency of your company.

Comparison with the industry

Identify growth opportunities and areas for improvement by comparing the financial performance and growth of your company against industry standards.

Ease of Access to Credits

Enhance your company's image with banks and suppliers through detailed control of your financial health, using clear and precise data to secure better financing conditions.

Compliance Management

Ensure the fiscal integrity of your company and strengthen your reputation by using CIAL Pulso for effective tax compliance management, promoting transparency with regulators and business partners.

Why analyze the financial health of companies with CIAL Pulso?

Make better business decisions

Utilize the financial intelligence provided by CIAL Pulso to refine and perfect your business strategies, ensuring that each decision is based on accurate and up-to-date data.

Boost financial self-awareness

Identify areas of inefficiency and opportunities to reduce costs and improve profit margins with CIAL Pulso.

Anticipate potential risks

CIAL Pulso facilitates this task with reports and alerts that help maintain business compliance, enhancing your fiscal and commercial reputation.

CIAL Pulso: the platform that provides a panoramic view of your company across three pillars.


  • Profitability
  • Leverage
  • Liquidity
  • Efficiency


  • Results of sales and billed expenses growth
  • Customer trends
  • Year-over-year billing


  • Compliance monitoring
  • SAT blacklist review
  • OFAC List review
  • Tracking of invoice cancellations

Find out how our data helps you monitor your finances and grow sustainably

Monitoring financial health

Gain insights into your company's financial health, including profitability, liquidity, leverage, and efficiency, through key metrics for better fiscal performance.

Growth and results

Track and forecast the growth of your business; compare sales, annual billing, growth rates, customer trends,
and much more.

Industry comparison

Discover where you stand in your industry with our powerful tool. Compare your key financial metrics with sector trends.

Compliance and reputation

Anticipate risks, stay informed on regulatory blacklists, maintain tax compliance, and track invoice cancellations for your business.

Why choose CIAL Pulso as your financial health analysis tool?

CIAL Pulso
Manual process
Financial health analysis
Fiscal compliance alerts
Industry benchmarking
Tracking key indicators
Billing, sales, and expense analysis
Monthly billing updates


What is CIAL Pulso?

CIAL Pulso is a SaaS tool designed to synchronize information from the SAT (CIEC) and provide businesses with a clear and comprehensive view of their current financial management, sales, customers, and billing.

How does CIAL Pulso work?

CIAL Pulso utilizes your company's fiscal information and compares it to industry standards to provide an accurate assessment of your financial situation.

What are the benefits of improving my financial health with CIAL Pulso?

Enhancing your company's financial health can pave the way for new opportunities with lenders, potential buyers, and suppliers, as well as any clients looking to assess the financial stability and creditworthiness of your business.

For which companies is the CIAL Pulso platform intended?

CIAL Pulso can be a strategic ally for businesses of all sizes and is particularly designed to be the catalyst driving SMEs toward sustainable and intelligent growth.

How are the data collected for CIAL Pulso?

CIAL Pulso collects and manages data to provide users with a comprehensive analysis of the financial health, compliance status, and growth potential of their company. Through 100% secure authentication with SAT access, you can initiate your personalized analysis.

How often are the data in CIAL Pulso updated?

CIAL Pulso data is refreshed periodically, typically once a month, covering the previous month's information. If your data is updated in the early days of the month, you'll be able to view information about your company from the preceding month.

How can I get CIAL Pulso for my company?

To get in touch with CIAL and receive more information about CIAL Pulso, simply click on the "Get a demo" button and fill in the requested information. We will contact you shortly with details on how to acquire the platform and implement it in your company.

Do you seek a deep understanding of your financial health, improved management, and strategic growth?

Take full control of your finances with CIAL Pulso.

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