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12/1/23 12:06 pm

Are you export visible? 5 steps to global recognition

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Are you export visible? 5 steps to global recognition

Exporting is a big opportunity for all those companies wanting to grow but doing so does not always mean that they will have the visibility they aspire to have. With decades of hands-on expertise, one of the most frequent worries communicated by our clients with export aspirations is that their capacity, size, and operational efficiency, might not be enough to be seen by profitable global prospects.

Becoming international is not an easy undertaking, mainly when the pandemic, political decisions, and new commercial dispositions have disrupted every corner of the world.  

Surfing this new normal can be tricky and even the best players need to structure a comprehensive and reliable methodology that allows long-term sustainable visibility (in addition to functionality, of course). But let’s focus on this concept – visibility.  

So how to stand out from a still-changing crowd and connect with still-wary clients?

Pandemic has caused a general distrust perception among industries, third parties, and of course, exporters. It is not the usual competition anymore. Even if you have been on the “good list” with a neat record, the filters are tightest, and only less than half of the businesses had met the pandemic commercial challenges, as defined by the 2020 Edelman trust barometer, which considers countries like Brazil and Mexico.

To achieve reliable and sustainable visibility in that scenario, proving who you are and deliver the bare minimum might not be enough anymore. Your offer needs to be high value and have the right support. The following 5 elements are the foundation of that desired bonus that will lead to becoming a more visible exporter:  

  • A deep sense of identity. First things firsts, are you aware of your business fingerprint? The essence of your company should be at the surface of every interaction to help you outline well-defined and profitable commercial negotiation terms, regardless of your industry, location, and size. Tell your business story in a way that any client on any continent can understand and trust.  
  • Automatic digital processes. Explore the advantages of relying on data to transform the way you do business to lower information and communication costs, provide new channels of distribution, and develop a decision-making process based in the cloud is a must, especially for small businesses in developing countries. Invest in changing the massive spreadsheets for portable, secure platforms. Trust us; global clients prefer being on board with technology when it comes to close deals in pandemic times.  
  • A shielded and transparent reputation. Discovering red flags within and near your business can help you avoid disruptions or solve them before presenting your strategy to potential clients. Are your connections safe? Corruption, politically exposed persons (PEPs), and global banned entities could put your hard-earned value at risk.  
  • Accurate financial health indicators. Real, organized, and worldwide valid scores and certifications of your financial stability, credit behavior, and corporate linkages – and even an assessment of your compliance programs- can be the difference between you and the competitors. Reliable financial health indicators are the base of any exporter structure, which leads us to…
  • Go back to basics. Build and shield your exporter profile and personality to discover tricks and grow the needed strength to navigate new markets. You can start by making a self-evaluation: Are you currently delivering the industry best practices? Does your team -and you- have the right skills to deal with global competitors and risky demands? Are you export–ready?  

Do you want to become a visible exporter in 2021? You can start right here  

For almost 200 years, we have helped governments, major corporations, and SMEs, such as Brazil and US governments, and millions of companies around the world with our smart data and our solutions powered by our Data Cloud and our Live Business Identity, derived from the Data Cloud.

We are aware that becoming visible nowadays is a complex process. However, correctly telling your story can start to boost your visibility, reduce costs, and uncover risks. We can help you answer these and more questions, develop a visibility strategy and achieve sustainable growth regardless of your size, industry, and location. Let’s get started!  

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