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The perks of analyzing your business partners

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The perks of analyzing your business partners

In every sector and industry, precise information and insights on companies have become essential assets for major decision making. This data can include how many years a company has been on the market, or a description of its operations, as well as its commercial background and financial health. All these aspects reveal a clear business status and an accurate scenario of how a business relationship with a company could work.

You must always rely on detailed studies and investigations that provide the information necessary to decide which clients, partners and suppliers are a good fit for your company. After an analysis of a company’s finances, legal status and operations, it is more likely to establish strong commercial relationships: if a company has a deep understanding of who they are working with, it can prevent risks and find growth opportunities.

Who can use this information?

The areas dedicated to risk evaluation can make the most of having an accurate picture of a potential business partner. The procurement sector, for example, makes the final choice on which suppliers to work with after evaluating if prospects can meet deadlines and provide the required service. The legal sector will determine if it is advisable to partner with another company based on its legal record. The operational sector can evaluate if there are quality processes or standards that guarantee the feasibility of working alongside other companies.

Once you have precise insights on your potential allies, you will have more tools to decide what kind of commercial relationship you want with a partner. These decisions involve much more than trust or the mutual interests that two or more companies can have; they depend on valuable data and clear arguments.

The benefits of knowing a company’s record

You can benefit from a Business Information Report in several ways:

  1. Evaluating risks in commercial relationships
  2. Backing-up strategic decisions
  3. Enabling easy access to international businesses
  4. Understanding the activities of a target company
  5. Boosting the growth and profitability of the business

Business intelligence can give you successful results. However, it is important that the data analyzed is updated and follows high-quality standards. CIAL Dun & Bradstreet is one of the world’s most reliable sources, as it has a database with verified and updated information on thousands of companies all over the globe. This allows us to offer detailed reports to boost commercial relationships.

Our database of 60 million company records in Latin America allows us to provide you with rich and up-to-date materials about the market

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